In-Flight Studios

Grow, Stretch, Fly

Not Later, Not With Someone Else, Not Some Other Place, Not Outside Yourself

In-Flight Yoga Classesare influenced by the somatic references fromThe Feldenkrais Method and Aerial Theater. In-Flight is honored to be in close relationship with Yoga On The Beach Key West, The Yoga Sanctuary Key West, Happy Body and The Studios of Key West. We teach Aerial Yoga, Hatha mat classes and Aqua Yoga. In each connection and in every class we focus on the body, breath, and spirit on the mat (or in the pool or in a silk hammock cocoon) as a practice for our lives off the mat. Classes are conducted in an atmosphere educative play and joy, discipline and focus and serve as a way to build your yoga practice or simply find your daily self orientation. In-Flight believes that the creative imagination is a part of any physical practice. Whether taking a mat class, Aqua Yoga, or Aerial Yoga,  we  honor all who wish to explore, practice, and journey with Yoga as a part of their inner compass.


                                    What you are seeking, is seeking you.