About In-Flight Theater Performances
In-Flight creates theater in the air using suspended steel sculptures. Drawing on training in Mask Performance, Clown, and Commedia dell’Arte, In-Flight integrates circus/aerial arts with physical acting to create stories, text, and characters which explore the rich interplay of imagination between ground and air. In-Flight was founded in Baltimore in 2005 by Mara Neimanis who writes/ produces/creates original solo and ensemble aerial plays as well as site specific aerial installation/performances in collaboration with sculptor Tim Scofield and director Bryce Butler. Mara is interested in using acting and aerialism in nontraditional ways in order to cross personal boundaries and limitations. She incorporates The Feldenkrias Method in teaching and training. The Method also informs choreographic choices and apparatus design.
                                         IN-FLIGHT PERFORMANCES FOR BOOKING
60 min, no intermission
Free standing apparatus, no rigging
Amelia Earhart, Family Audiences, Women in History, Women in Aviation, Women's Studies
For booking Air Heart and technical specifics contact mara.inflighttheater@gmail.com

60 min, no intermission
Apparatus consist of 3 suspended steel sculptures
Family, Medical, Alzheimer's, Care-giving, Dementia Care
Has been sponsored in part by AARP
For Booking Naomi's Flight and technical specifics contact mara.inflighttheater@gmail.com

60 min
1 playground swing, 3 trapezes
This ensemble aerial show takes community stories and flies them as a part of an evening of theater, aerials, community reflection. Workshops included. Family, Community, Place, Childhood, Memory

The Clarice Smith Center For The Performing Arts Next Look Grant
For booking and technical specifics contact mara.inflighttheater@gmail.com

                                               Past Work

Unexpected Places 4 Unexpected Aerials
4 months/4 locations/4 performances celebrating the texture and geographical stories of Baltimore
Ruby Artist Grant & The Creative Alliance


The Snow Queen

Mask, Aerials and mixed hearing and deaf cast

Empowering mixed abilities, Quest Fest Commission for New Works

Family, Fairy Tale creation

Borders & Borderless
70 min
Rolling arch apparatus, trapeze
Native American, Humboldt County, Traditional basket weaving of The Northern California Tribes
Family, Native, Non-Native, Community
Native Cultures Grant of Northern California

For That Which Returns
60 min
Standing Weather Vane apparatus, 1 suspended point
Women’s Cycles, Mother and Daughter Cycles, Myth, Women, Seasons
Family, Women, Community
Center Stage Reston VA commission

In-Flight Studios

Grow, Stretch, Fly