In-Flight Studios

Grow, Stretch, Fly

Private Aerial Lessons
Private aerial lessons work with individual schedules and provide an intensive learning experience fit for the needs and abilities of each student. Private sessions engage in a deeper study of Aerials that expand personal skills and boundaries. All levels and ages.
Cost: $70 1hr session, $65 per session packages of 4
By appointment

Duet Aerial Lessons
Duet Lessons work with two individual schedules and provide a wonderful partner based way to create, develop, and share information that incorporates the needs and wants of each individual. Duet classes have the option to explore partner aerial technique while engaging in a deep study of abilities of each student. All levels and ages.
Cost: $45 per person per hour, $40 per person per hour package of 4
. By Appointment

SUNDAY AERIAL YOGA With Mara Neimanis at The Studios Of Key West
Stretch, Strengthen, and Breathe
Aerial Yoga combines  the best in aerials and Yoga while using a fabric hammock near to the ground to create support, traction, awareness and freedom.  A new way to explore and expand your body partnering with gravity. Ongoing every Sunday drop in or join a series of classes
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Physical Theater
This workshop embodies a dynamic and physical approach to acting appropriate for both the serious beginner and the experienced actor. Mask performance and aerial technique will be integrated as tools to examine how to use the body to find essential gesture, action, and expression. Expand your abilities, take new risks, stretch your awareness and break through boundaries.

Friday November 11


Group Aerial Classes

Offer lively and dynamic environments to learn aerial skills, build strength, and have a blast! Group classes focus on aerial investigation over a series of ongoing classes. Studies include exploring aerial skills as well as creating individual discovery and physical empowerment. All classes include working on suspended metal sculpture.  Starting January 9, 2017 at The Studios Of Key West

GIRL POWER at The Studios Of Key West( Starting in November)

Trapeze for Teens and Tweens
Girls are front and center and off the ground in this aerial class geared to empowerment, communication, teamwork, and fun through the accomplishment of learning aerial skills. Girls will explore a variety of invented apparatus as well as circus trapeze. Learned aerial skills, team building, and friendships will culminate in a public sharing.
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