Mara is the master of a new form of theater that is riveting, powerful, provocative. She creates landscapes where character can live multi-dimensionally. Narrative is performed on sculpted steel apparatus. The aerial elements create breathtaking visual poetry rooted in fine art, metaphor and myth. The body and gravity work in concert to re-awaken wonder in people. And when she does, we all connect on a deeper level and time is transformed”

Air Heart

Touring solo performance, written and performed by Mara Neimanis, Directed by Bryce Butler, Plane Sculpture by Laura Shults and Tim Scofield

Air Heart is a sixty minute solo aerial performance about the life, mystery and final flight of Amelia Earhart that takes place on a 12- foot tall spinning metal plane sculpture. The portable plane sculpture serves as a set, prop, aerial apparatus and character, thus creating playing space that incorporates both ground and air. Air Heart illustrates the athletic female body in partnership with the plane sculpture as a forum to share the events, courage, conflicts, and pioneering accomplishments of Earhart as a woman, aviator and feminist icon. Family Audiences.

Through out the play, I have adhered to factual dates, events, and certain quotes of Amelia Earhart, but as a woman who flies on the stage, I have created her voice with a sense of what it means to dream of flight and become intimately driven by it.

Air Heart Technical Requirements:
The portable plane sculpture is a mounted apparatus. No aerial rigging used. The plane sculpture has rubber coating and can be set on any floor. Set up/ strike is approximately 3-4 hours. Minimum hall size 40x45, minimum ceiling height 14 feet to grid.
Lighting cues on excel express, sound on CD.
Sound technician provided, lighting technician needed.

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Naomi’s Flight

Naomi’s Flight is a solo aerial performance about aging and elder care that takes place on three asymmetrical suspended steel sculptures. Written and performed by Mara Neimanis, directed by Bryce Butler, sculptures by Tim Scofield, Naomi’s Flight reveals the love story of George, an 80 year old care giver, and his wife Naomi who has diabetes and been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Naomi’s Flight is a powerful, personal, poetic, and humorous, journey into the courageous and upside down world of day to day living with these epidemic diseases and the inverted healthcare system that is in place to do so. Neimanis combines text with aerial choreography in creating environments, characters, and time.

Naomi’s Flight Technical Requirements:
Naomi’s Flight can be performed in a black box space min 40x45. Minimum rigging height, 14 feet, with minimum 13.4 long horizontal beam that runs horizontally. On-site visit available and discussion. In-Flight is able to rig apparatus without assistance. Light cues on CD. Music cues on CD

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