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Press - August, 2012
Aerial Theater Takes Audience to New Heights

By Elizabeth Heubeck

Mara Neimanis leads the way up a few flights of creaky steps in an aging building at 120 North Ave. in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. Pushing open double doors, she enters a spacious studio made moody by exposed brick walls and dark wood floors. Huge windows on one side of the room let in natural light, which shines on an enormous metal structure that looks like an oversized, boxy ladder and dangles from the soaring ceiling. Entwined in the metal structure, 47-year-old Neimanis alternately climbs, hangs, and flies through the air—while acting out a theatrical performance. ... read article

Steve Ruark

Baltimore City Paper - October, 2009
Going Up
Tim Scofield and Mara Neimanis turn their love of flight into Baltimore's first ever aerial festival
By Bret McCabe

For some people, the laws of gravity were made to be broken. "We have an airline recoiling spool at work," says local kinetic sculpture artist Tim Scofield, who uses his mechanics' hands to describe this object that accordions out from a fixed point. "It comes out off the wall and hangs down and I'm thinking, hmmm. It comes out about five feet off the wall, and it can almost enable you to jump from wall to wall. And it'd be cool to have about two or three of them going. You know, I get my work ideas from things like that. You know, make it bigger. Put a harness on it." ... read article

Jefferson Jackson Steele

Washington Post - July, 2007
Lifting Her Spirits
When Her Strength Deserted Her, Mara Neimanis Grew Wings
By Sarah Kaufman | Washington Post Staff Writer

Gravity, what a downer. Always getting in the way. How do you tell the story of Amelia Earhart, for instance, particularly the last few minutes of her fateful 1937 flight around the world, when you're an earthbound mortal performing in a theater space? ... read article

photo by Pouya Dianat - The Washington Post

Buffalo News - February, 2007
'Air Heart' takes flight

By Colin Dabkowski | News Staff Reviewer

In "Air Heart," a one-woman show written and performed by Mara Neimanis, there's no need to suspend your disbelief. Neimanis, who spends nearly the entire show swinging from a 12-foot-tall metal sculpture, will suspend it for you. ... read article

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