“The way Neimanis accomplishes performance is to leave the earth and return transformed. The journey offers the audience poetry, spirituality, and mystery”


Dance Place:
May 10, 11, 2013, 8pm

For That Which Returns is an innovative collaboration between two companies on the forefront of aerial performance: Baltimore’s In-Flight Theater (Mara Neimanis), “,,,makes the impossible look supremely easy” (The Washington Post); and Washington’s award winning Arachne Aerial Arts (Andrea Burkholder and Sharon Witting), “whose sense of teamwork and precision is akin to migrating birds flying in formation” (The Washington Post). Aerial choreography and dialogue retell the myth of Demeter and Persephone, as Mara, Andrea, and Sharon mine their own personal experiences to reveal the seasons of connection between mothers and daughters. The show features an original script by Mara Neimanis; dramaturgy and direction by Bryce Butler; choreography and performance by Andrea Burkholder, Mara Neimanis, and Sharon Witting; sculpture by Tim Scofield; music by Helen Chadwick; lighting design by Daniel Burkholder.

Baltimore Theatre Project:
Thur-Sun Feb 21-March 3 2013
8pm evenings, 2pm Sunday matinee


The Toronto Fringe Festival:
July 2013 Dates TBA

“The most powerful and moving piece of theater I have ever seen”

— Julia Pearson,
artist & owner of MacMamma computer programs

Naomi’s Flight is s sixty-minute solo aerial performance about aging and elder care that takes place on three asymmetrical suspended steel sculptures. Written and performed by Mara Neimanis, directed by Bryce Butler, Naomi’s Flight is a universal drama created out of personal experience, that reveals the love story of George, an 80 year old care giver, and his wife Naomi who has diabetes and been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Naomi’s Flight is a powerful, poetic, and humorous, journey into the courageous and upside down world of day to day living with these epidemic diseases and the inverted healthcare system that is in place to do so. Neimanis combines text, sculpture, and aerial choreography in creating environments, characters and time.

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